Day 115: A Taste for Living

SBB – this is my post.

Ah food. And the beauty of really really great tasting food. When I taste something amazing or pleasing, you know. Because I am a delighted food moaner. My husband always gets a kick out of when I do this because he knows that we are in the midst of some sort of food item that is hitting the spot/delicious/a home run.

I love trying new things, having amazing versions of my favorites, searching for the elusive umami.

In a nutshell, here are the things that please me most – my favorite egg roll from Moy’s – one of the tastes that I’ve loved the longest. Really fresh, hot and cheesy pizza with good sauce and good crust. Mmmm. Thai soup – with lemongrass, coconut milk, and all of the other goodies. Hot and sour soup. A good vinegarette for your salad. A perfectly cooked steak. Portabello mushrooms, grilled summer squash. Rhubarb custard pie. Cream cheese frosting. 

Ok. I’m making myself hungry. But these are the things that make me happy and delighted.

I can’t wait to be more aware of the tastes and items that make me delighted! And add to the list. Good food like this deserves to be recognized and remembered.


Day 114: The Scent of a Woman

I’m not sure what my scent is, but I know what my husband’s is. Cleanliness with a touch of Axe Anarchy body wash and his deodorant. OMG that clean smell is amazing. So wholly him.

It would be interesting to ask him to describe my scent. We’ll see if I do it.

But aromas – the ones that please me most, bring back the best memories. Hazelnut = my grandparents and the aroma of their coffee. It was a delight finding out that this is my husband’s favorite flavor. He is the one person that could get me to see the joy in that scent again. Lemon Pinesol = the smell of my parent’s house. Lilac = the scent of spring. One of my favorites. Clean clothing (detergent and fabric softener) = the cozy, taken care of scent of having all of your clothes clean! Garlic = the best cooking smell ever. The knowledge that what you are about to eat is going to be amazing. And baking cookies = how can that be wrong?

I love this theme of scent. And I can’t wait to dive into it a bit more.

Day 113: Sensory Awakening

This is the perfect post for this day. Earth Day. Today I’m running the Earth Day half marathon in Saint Cloud, MN. I am running this as part of a bachelorette celebration weekend for my BFF.

I will be in a new town, a new running path, and this is just the reminder that I need to step back from overthinking how I’m running to focus on my senses and truly experience – sight, smell, sound, taste – everything around me. How does a run on earth day smell, feel, sound? What does spring smell like on this day, in this place.

How lucky am I to travel ~400 miles away from where I live to run 13.1 miles to celebrate my BFF, her upcoming marriage, and our friendship. Really effing lucky.

This is about being present, getting outside of my head, and taking it all in. Taking in the entire experience.

I cannot wait! Thank you, SBB for this reminder.

Day 112: Aromatherapy: The Restorative Comfort of Fragrance

My husband is one of the small numbers of people that is repulsed by the scent of lavender. I am not. I am a lavender lover. Where I smell calm, hope, wondrousness – he is overwhelmed and disgusted. When we went to Washington Island and stopped by the lavender farm, I was in heaven. He was in hell. 

So I naturally put away my favorite aroma, and haven’t had the time or energy to incorporate or discover new scents that I like and ones that are suitable to have in my home.

I need to bring more aromatherapy into my life. Any suggestions or where to start?

This goes hand-in-hand with my new quest to incorporate the bathtub to my routine and I think this will bring in something that I’m missing. 

I want to enhance my senses, relieve stress, and provide an outlet to stretch and soothe this sense. I would love any suggestion or direction in where to begin.

Day 111: Taking the Cure: Bathing Pleasures

Baths. I’m just not quite a fan. I used to be as an adolescent. But not so much anymore. My parents house has a fabulous old bathtub – a long, deep one that allows for an amazing bath. Once I left home, none of the places that I lived quite had a bathtub that felt clean enough to want to jump in for a good soak.

So over time I just forgot about the awesomeness of a bath.

My husband and I have a bathtub in our guest bathroom. Our master bath has a fabulous large custom shower. It makes my heart soar. Lots of space, A nice amount of light, and a nice bench. But we also have the tub in the guest bathroom that has not yet been used.

Hmmm. Maybe I need to reclaim this space and make it my bath time sanctuary. I’m hesitant to commit – because maybe it isn’t deep enough, long enough. The right space for an enjoyable bath. But I think I owe it to myself and the tub to find out. I’ll have to acquire some bath supplies, some aromatherapy and jump on in. I 100% support the calming, rejuvenating aspects of the bath. I think I’ll have to bring my own mineral water to sip. To rejuvenate the interior and exterior.

So a new quest starts…reclaiming the bath and reopening my senses to the healing, calming elements of water and the bath.

Day 110: Spring Rituals of Replenishment

Ah springtime. All of the hope of the nice weather to come, hope of sunny days, time spent outside in meaningful ways. Pollen, trees, bees, things that make my eyes itch and nose to get stuffy. Oops. I think that final sentiment was counter to what SBB was trying to get across. Just trying to keep it real.

But rejuvenation, hope, newness, life, rebirth of the environment. It is all downhill from here. These are the hope-filled days that keep us moving through winter, that get us out of hibernation and transition from “homebodies” to explorers and adventurers.

I’ve been much more keen to fully explore each of the seasons outside due to my preference to run outdoors. In Wisconsin, that can be the feats of strength and endurance during the dead of winter and the extreme heat and humidity of summer. But I prefer to experience the seasons and weather fully and to bask in the uniqueness that each day brings.

But the spring and fall – the times that the weather are ushering in new, dramatic phases – are the sweet spot. When the weather is so perfect that you can’t help but want to maximize every moment and be outside as much as possible. Selfishly, these are the days that the running weather is nearly perfect and the joy from being outside on a beautiful day nearly eclipses the natural runners high.

So cheers to the natural progression of time and season. And cheers to moving your ass and getting outside.

Day 109: The Face in the Looking Glass

Oh SBB, you’ve finally gotten to makeup. Maybe you’ve gotten here before…I can’t remember.

I know that I’ve certainly discussed makeup before. For most women, it’s a most. I’m not most women. My face is usually pretty flush, so blush is irrevelant. Sure, eyeliner and mascara may make my eyes pop a bit more, but they do a pretty darn good job popping as it is. And lip stuff. It seems so contrived to me. Probably because I don’t use it. So if I do use it, the effect is the opposite of putting on my armor, the finishing touch. To me, it is being fake, putting on something that isn’t me and isn’t my norm. And I’m all about the norm.

I don’t know. Maybe my views will change as I get older. They are certainly reinforced right now because of my husband and his overall disdain for makeup. He wouldn’t judge or be cranky if I put it on, but he prefers my natural beauty, my unadorned face without it. And you know what. I can’t blame him for that. That is one of the many things that I love about him. The way he loves me through and through. And if he supports me and loves me more without the mascara and sees the beauty in that, then how can’t I see that beauty myself and rock my natural, true self?