Aspirations, Hopes and Dreams

The best place to begin is by taking a look at where I was on January 12, 2013:

Becoming whole again life list
Mind, body, soul
Kick ass pet owner
Learn to truly relax- contentment

Not a bad place to start.  I think there are two things that can be automatically crossed off the list – knitting:  I picked it back up again and I have completed two scarves since the time of writing this list and am half way through a third. No, they aren’t complex patterns or have even more than one stitch; however, I have found great joy and meditation in doing this project.  Yep, I have an official hobby.  Maybe for 2015 I can branch out and add a couple more stitches and complete something other than a scarf.  Oh, and maybe join a west side gathering of knitters.  Get out of the house…meet some peeps.  So maybe this one is still a work in progress.  I won’t cross it off the list yet.

On to Kick Ass Pet Owner.  When I moved in with my now husband in June 2014, my dog was just supposed to stay at my parent’s house for the summer.  However, in the greatest gift that she could give and perhaps through receiving an even bigger one, my mom offered to allow Lucy to go from a short term guest to a permanent resident.  I am so thankful that she offered to do this – Lucy has a much better life with them – people around almost all of the time, lots of space to run around and best yet – another dog to pal around with. While I miss her every day, I know that she is living the good life, getting lots of running and snuggles and very happy!

This list was written on Saturday, January 12, 2013 – the day before I first talked to my husband on the phone.  Thankfully, I didn’t quit dating, like I thought I was going to in order to “become whole again” and instead I met him, fell in love, continued to work on myself and became whole in an entirely different way.  But now, almost two years later, I am ready to get back to my list and to put more of the focus on me…because I am a firm believer that in order to be the most happy, content wife and partner, I need to find the contentment and happiness within myself and bring it to my relationship.  Sure, my husband is amazing and makes me happy every day…and I don’t want to say that I’m unhappy, because I’m not, but I want to give myself the space, permission and bandwith to continue to grow and prosper.

I know that our time as just the two of us will not be here forever (at least I hope so) and I want to help prepare myself to expand our family – both physically, mentally and emotionally – and to grow and strengthen my marriage and relatinship with my husband.

My aspirations are to:

1. Continue to reduce stress and anxiety in my day-to-day life – through hobbies, exercise, and healthful eating.  One thing that I have done with various levels of success is to identify and speak aloud what is bothering me – usually saying it to my husband – before I get to the point of tears and before I have at least a half of a day spent in an anxious state.

2.  Increase my fitness and healthfulness to create the best vessle possible to bear children.

3. Continue being head over heels in love with my husband and somehow manage to strengthen, deepen and increase the love, passion and spark that we have for each other.

4.  Deepen the bonds with my best girlfriends.  I know that I can be flighty and caught up in the moment of my own life, but i need to prioritize reaching out to the people that I care about most and making sure that I am taking the time to include them and be included.

5.  Take a kick-ass honeymoon.  We secretely eloped before Christmas and already had visits with family and friends planned so, despite the awesomeness of the Minne-moon, I want a really honeymoon.  One where my husband and I have at least 4 consecutive days to ourselves to relax, enjoy one another and live in our newlywed moment.

Simple Abundance – I’m not sure if this is what you were asking for when you wanted my aspirations…but this is what I’ve got.  In seeing them here – they don’t seem that exotic or life-listish…but I have to think that is the point.  Maybe when each of us get down to it, what we want out of life is pretty simple.  Or maybe that is just me.


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