Questions…oh so many questions

The message for today is that my life will be different – just because I am going through this exercise – in one year. In vast ways that I cannot yet conceive.

I can dig that. And I can understand that, yes, in one year things will be different. I think 75% of the change will just be due to my greater self awareness. You have to be aware that change is possible to be able to even begin to want to go through the change….and sometimes chug down the path of change, even if you are unsure what will be at the end of the path.

And you know what, I’ve certainly been in this sort of position before and I did not lose with diving face first into the unknown and into change. I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams in the past and I know that I will do so again.

Going back to the title….questions…and needing to ask and think about questions as the linch pin to change and growth. I’m not sure what my question is right now – maybe complacency. Why have I been so complacent with my mind and body. I’ve definitely made strides…but why haven’t I been able to dig into being the most fit – in every sense of the word – person?

I definitely think some of this has been tied to my state of mind – being overwhelmed and then spiraling there to anxiety and stress and likely a little depression. That has led me to turn inward and to stop moving. Well, I’ve kept my soul moving…i’ve kept my mind moving and I’ve made huge strides to being in the best frame of mind possible. And now it is time to get my booty moving.

I’m not talking about moving mountains but to just be able to maximize my time and energy to be able to improve my health. Back 8 years ago when I was physically in the best shape of my life, I was moving all of the time. I was still in college and I relied on my feet to get me to campus and get me to my jobs. Driving and parking was an option…but was way too expensive. So I strapped on some headphones and used my feet to get where I needed to go. I think fondly of that time walking on campus and walking on State Street.

Thankfully, I now live in a location where I can take some of this same trek during my morning commute and boy am I going to take advantage! It will be about 4 miles a day round trip…and about an hour of my time…during my commute. I certainly can give another 20 minutes during each leg of commuting to being active. I test drove this before Thanksgiving…before my trip and before I got sick…and it was great. I have all the confidence that, despite the cold that will soon be coming, that this will be possible, enjoyable and good for me.


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