Saving it for good

I’ve been trying to try make sure that I’m fully participating and living in the moment. I don’t want to live my life in front of a screen or partially engaged with what is going on around me. All too often it seems like my natural inclination is to look at random things on my phone while watching something on TV or half listening to someone talking to me.

This tendency is one of the things that bothers me the most about things that I do. That and being on facebook. However, I am making an effort to disconnect and be fully engaged. And that can sure be more tiring than spacing out and looking at a screen. But you know what, if I had spaced out tonight and multitasked while sort of kind of watching a movie, I would have missed out on really enjoying She’s having a baby. And I really enjoyed that.

My mom always has tried to live by the philosophy of NOT saving something for good and enjoying things when you get them. Because who knows if we will have tomorrow…and no one wants to be left at the end of their life surrounded by clothes that don’t fit with tags on and unused nice soap.

This is truly tied to finding the enjoyment of every day life and actually using the things that we have. There isn’t a point in having something just in case you may want to enjoy it at some point in the future. Likewise, why not make the effort every day to feel your best – whether it is putting on mascara or blowdrying your hair or not wearing your scuzzy outfit.

There are definitely days and points where I fall into the cycle of laziness – letting my hair air dry on the way to work because I get a few extra minutes of sleep. But you know what, on those days where I blow dry my hair and I know it looks good, I definitely feel and act differently.

So here’s to getting out the blowdryer, wearing the nice clothes and using everything you own!


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