Digging out the authentic self

I’ve often – since adolescence or so – had that thought – what happened to the happy 7 year old that I used to be. Tom Myers, when we are in high school, remarked that the first time that he saw me, he remembered that I was very happy.

So what happens to one’s essence – the 7 year old who was once so happy? Obviously, one becomes more aware of the realities of school, interacting with peers, and what’s at stake in growing up. And somehow, we – or at least I – found myself turing more melancholy. Maybe that’s just the hormones or the process of turning into an adolescent.

Here are things that I know make me happy:
– Cooking, especially for those that I love
– Baking
– Knitting
– Writing
– Lazy, relaxed conversations with good friends
– Riding my bicycle
– Watching random YouTube videos with my husband
– Getting my hair cut and being pampered while my hair is cut.

So here’s the true question – is my authentic self me when I’m most happy or is it me when I’m most aware.

Or…is it me when I’m aware of what makes me happy?


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