Getting to the root of the matter

So, really, what is it that makes me happy?

Writing – doing this. it makes me happy. I’m even happier when it is done for the day.

I get satisfaction from accomplishing projects at work and knowing I’ve kicked ass on them. Is that happiness, though? Is satisfaction happiness?

Things that make me happy:
– Reading a good book
– Sleeping in on Saturday mornings and waking up and falling asleep all morning knowing that I do not need to get up.
– Getting up early on the weekends and having coffee with my husband and watching random YouTube videos
– Knitting
– Cooking and Baking – creating good things for those I love
– A good joke
– New music; old music; making time for music in my day
– Listening to podcasts on the bus
– Reading Entertainment Weekly
– Spending time with my husband
– Laying on fresh sheets in a clean house….reading a book
– Spending time with my best friends – talking, laughing, having fun
– Dave and Busters
– Skeeball
-Spending time outside, but while it isn’t too hot or too cold and not around animals.
– Reading a good blog post by one of my favorite bloggers
– Finding a good recipe
– Pinning things on Pinterest.


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