I’d like to think that I exude glass half full ness. I try to see the positive in every situation and try to figure out a way to be positive.

But, like everything, I can do better. I wish I had actively read this post before I went to the grocery store…because I would have tried to do a better job at smiling and not been quite as lost in my list and following my husband as we hustled through the store.

Tomorrow though, I will do my darndest to try to remember to see the day freshly and greet everyone and everything as freshly and positively as possible.

I think this is one of those tasks where if you think positively and model positivity, then you will become positive and it will become natural and second nature.

And positivity/optimism, in my opinion, lead to happiness.

So here’s to seeing and living on the sunny side, the eternal land of yellow brick roads, blooming roses, and sunshine. It’s got to be better than the cold gloom.


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