The simpler we make our lives, the more abundant they become

I can’t remember if I touched on this already, but when I moved in June and moved my belongings out of storage in August, my focus was on reducing my stuff by as much as possible.

I was simply tired of carrying around this baggage. It’s nice to have things, but you don’t need to be surrounded by clutter. That’s why I assessed nearly everything I have to make sure I kept just the things I needed or would conceivably be using in the near future. Did I get rid of everything? no? Will my belongings now fit in the trunk of a VW Bug? Nope. But I reduced my stash of loot.

And I am happy. I’m really happy that the next time I move it will be easier but you know what, I don’t miss my stuff at all.

If I can feel the mental benefit from getting rid of things and the weight that was lifted from having more stuff, what else can I get rid of or stop worrying about to improve my quality of life?

I’ve also consciously tried to improve my mindset and not give into the paralyzing effects of my anxiety. Specific to my relationship – I have, over time, been able to change my mindset from needing constant reassurance that I am good enough or pretty enough to just knowing that I am enough. I take it from the loving smile or glance from my husband and know that I’ve got it going, I am love, and I am enough. And that is a fantastic feeling.

It doesn’t mean that my anxiety doesn’t sprout up…but it does matter and help to know that I have someone behind me who loves me unconditionally and I don’t need to question that….because it is true.


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