Day 14 – Gratitude

Here I am…writing this on day 19. Here is the good….and the bad. The good is that I began jotting down my five items of gratitude on the 14th and I have done so every day….even though I haven’t done my daily writing prompt. The bad…I allowed myself the space to work on my house – getting things organized, put together and more importantly making it feel more like a home. I think Sarah would allow for that space, as well as to allow for the pause in posting.

On Saturday my husband and I took Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and Menards by storm. We basically took ourselves shopping as part of our wedding celebration. We didn’t go hog wild on things we weren’t already going to buy – but we just did it all in one day. We bought storage solutions for our bathroom – completely organized and gave it a facelift. We bought storage containers for our catch all area for filing, storage of snacks, etc. And the most exciting part was our new TV and blu-ray player! I’m totally blown away by our 48″ Vizio smart TV. wow. Considering neither one of us had purchased a TV in the last 15 years…and I’ve never bought one….this was a bit of a splurge.

On Sunday, I hit up TJ Maxx and I got some more storage solutions for our kitchen, some kitchen gadgets like our new amazing 12″ frying pan. My husband has been searching for one – one that met his criteria, basically an omelette pan that is non-stick. I found it and for $15 to boot.

….And I bought a few things that I’d wanted for a while. New cosmetic bags for traveling, a lit magnified mirror and perfume! woo-hoo.

And on to the gratitude…
Steve’s wedding gift
Claire’s wedding gift
Ride to work
Talk with good friend and that I was there when she needed it most
My bed


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