Day 15 – Simple Gifts: Embracing Simplicity

Nothing beats time with friends. After I got home from wishing a past colleague well wishes on a new job…and socializing with people I did not know….I was rewarded by a couple of drinks with some of my husband’s colleagues. They are people he knows pretty well and ones we socialize with at least once a month at a happy hour. They are a blast! It is so nice having people to meet for a drink for laughs and good conversation. Money cannot buy that.

This illustrates well the theme of simplicity – it’s the relationships and people who surround us that truly matter.

“True simplicity as a conscious life choice illuminates our lives from within…Every day offers us simple gifts when we are willing to search our hearts for the place that’s right for each of us.”

I relish the opportunity to be able to fully embrace and recognize the simple gifts. I want to live my life in way in which I see my one bedroom as cozy and homey – the place where my husband and I want to come back every day and truly live our lives. I want this to be the place where we can look to fondly as where we got our start – where we fell in love – and spent so many weekends before living together – the place where I always wanted to be, even when I had to spend my weeknights 20 minutes away. I also want the simplicity of our home and our needs to be like this when we live elsewhere – likely with more space. I want that home to meet our needs – I don’t want space for the sake of space but to be somewhere where each nook and cranny has a purpose. Not necessarily filled with things but with a need and purpose.

I was saying last night that I’m glad we don’t have a second bedroom right now…because I know it would be filled with things. I know that it would be a catchall space that I wouldn’t want to be in and one that I wouldn’t want our guest to stay in. I know that its usefulness would have to be uncovered and unearthed when we had it fill its true purpose – a room for guests – not a room for extra stuff. We have a storage locker…and it we can’t fit it in there…we probably don’t need it.

And I love that.


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