Day 17 – Harmony: Achieving Balance in Our Lives

“Harmony is the inner cadence of contentment we feel when the melody of life is in tune…we begin to learn how to pause. As we bring the principles of gratitude, simplicity, and order into our lives, harmony emerges…Listen to music that soothes and uplifts your spirit. And while you listen, pause to consider how all the individual notes come together harmoniously to give expression to the entire score.”

It’s so funny…this notion of harmony.

You need to finally slow down to hear it and achieve it. However, it is through slowing down that you acknowledge and it really exists in the first place.

When I think of harmony and how I have it and how to try to find more of it, I kind of chuckle to think that it is not technology or things technology brings (besides my ipad, podcasts, and music I can listen through via my devices) harmony.

I know my harmony – the harmony of my existence – takes root in living with my husband and the love and life we share and continue to create every day. I also know that it also lives within me – first and foremost. I strive to find it every time I stop to breath and pause to keep from being overwhelmed or stop to look at the winter scene outside my window. I have brought myself to this place – I have had enough love for myself and identified my worth and value to allow someone else to see that within me and more.

Not that I didn’t have these things before but this balance, calm and peace within me are made so much better by what I have, what I feel, and who loves me every morning and every night.


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