Day 18 – Beauty: Opening Our Eyes to the Beauty that Surrounds Us

Beauty is in my friends…my family – both chosen and by blood. Beauty is in making a beautiful, full life. It is in cooking good food and seeing and hear someone enjoy it. It is in valuing and building my mind, body, and soul…and creating the best circumstances and parameters for success to happen and to live my best life.

“We learn to be grateful not matter what our circumstances may be. In offering gratitude for our real lives, we discover how to change them for the better. As we embrace simplicity, we learn that less is truly more. This freedom encourages us to bring order to our own affairs and cultivate harmony in our inner world….Creating a beautiful life is our highest calling…It is in the details of life that beauty is revealed, sustained, and nurtured.”

My college friend had the mantra, it’s a beautiful thing. And life…and everything around us is truly beautiful. It’s a gift to be able to see the glimmer of beauty, of hope…recognizing things not only for what they are…but for what things could also be.

Every interaction, every moment, reaction…it is a thing of beauty…and if we don’t find the joy in the mundane…if we aren’t present for it, then what’s the point? I’m not a jet setter, or the president…or something else more exotic. I’m a government employee…who lives in the midwest…in a one bedroom apartment. But you know what…I live in an awesome location….with a pretty big apartment…and, you know what….life is good. I am happy, loved, and able to take care of myself and my family. I don’t know how you can beat that.


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