Day 19 – Joy: Learning Life’s Lessons with a Light Heart

“We learn each day how cultivating gratitude tills the soil of our soul and then how the seeds of simplicity and order send their roots down deep into the earth of our everyday existence. As we progress, harmony inspires us with quiet courage to create an authentic life for ourselves and those we love. With patience, beauty blossoms and our hearts experience not only happiness, which is often fleeting, but a wellspring of joy that refreshes and renews. We have found our true place in the world…learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy”

I would love to hear SBB’s thoughts on technology and how it can drive us away from simple abundance.

I’ve lived in the facebook world for the last decade…plus a few months. And I don’t know if I am better for?

All too often, I’ve had high school flash back dreams – ones that hold the pain of 7th grade and the isolation and bitchiness of middle school girls. I sooooo do not want to go back to that. I honestly think that those dreams and the people within them are spurred by seeing all of the people I knew in high school via facebook.

So every time I find myself having one of those dreams or feeling too sucked in and wasting time, I need to pull back and jump away from it. It’s nice to see people, but most of the time everyone is showing their best side – and it’s just too easy to try to put yourself up against them and compare. And feel bad about not having the same happy look on my face at every moment, or being able to take as great of a posed/candid picture, and not having babies right now or being something else.

I think the first step is realizing the toxicity that comes with this technology and being able to step away. I might not be able to fix that innate part of me that starts to compare….but I can try and mitigate the tendency to being…by disconnecting. And that is a good thing.


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