Day 20: Acres of Diamonds

“When we cherish our dream and then invest love, creative energy, perseverance, and passion in ourselves, we will achieve an authentic success…Where is your acre of diamonds? If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?”

What would I do…what can I do…what should I do?

I love my job. It is exactly what I went to school for and what I found, through school, is something that enhances and plays to my talents. But I don’t love that I completely throw myself into it…and mentally let it consume me. That is one thing that I have to improve – the ability to disconnect and leave it at work. Honestly, my bus ride home is one of the things that best help me to disconnect. I am able to listen to a podcast or music…and allow the words and notes talk and ride me way from the stress, adrenaline highs, and workplace successes of the day. I don’t want to be defined by my job and I don’t want to allow my job to define me.

My personal dreams revolve around so much more than a vocation. Thankfully, in so many ways, I have my dream job.

But here is what I want, what I need, and what I am striving for:
1. Building my family with the man I love
2. Living in the moment – both with myself and with my husband
3. I would love to go to cooking school – not to get a job as a chef, but to build my skills, learn new techniques, learn more of the art of cooking…to be able to find new joy in this art of creating.
4. Create – create things for myself and my friends and family – sewing, knitting, writing.
5. Write a book – maybe a research type project. maybe fiction. maybe a memoir. who knows. but to make that book. I think i can make this one happen.


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