Day 21: Letting Go of Limiting Illusions

SBB – for me. This writing prompt, this entry…it is absolute bullshit.

I get the need for a lot of people to recognize a higher power because it gives meaning and organization to their lives…but you know what, i’ve seen so much chaos, heartbreak, and pain that comes from religion…the way this higher power is recognized in the society we live in…that I can’t acknowledge where you are going with this one.

Yes, there are unexplained forces going on in our lives and on this planet…and maybe some people, in able to fully commit to your project that is Simple Abundance need to know the higher power is with them and gives them permission to dream and live positively…and go outside wherever they are allowing themselves to be.

Well, that doesn’t apply here. I am where I am because of hard work…because of the love of those around me….the love I have for myself…the help of my family and friends…but mainly because I didn’t quit.

And I didn’t quit because of some higher power. I didn’t quit because I”m not a quitter – I don’t want to stop or fail…I hold myself to a much higher standard than anyone may realize…and I want to get there..and realize it. And a force isn’t the one doing it – it’s me.


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