Day 22: The Prosperity of Living

“invest in your soul with all the creative energy at your disposal”

It is this sentiment…this concept that drove me to come back to this project…to know that it was worth doing.

I want my soul to be full…to be spilling over…to have a life in which I have no regrets and one that I live fully.

SBB quotes the Oct. 1932 issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal : “It is a time for pioneering – to create a new security for the home and the family…Where we were specialists in spending, we are becoming specialists in living.”

What my husband and I are doing every day – loving each other, creating our lives together, supporting each other – doing these things with each other and for each other…that’s what this means to me.

We’ve led separate lives – ones in which we didn’t find the harmony, order, and security that we wanted and deserved…and we chose to keep looking until we found each other. There wasn’t a guarantee that we’d find it…but we kept looking. And I am so glad we did. I’m so glad he didn’t lose faith – and get married years ago. I’m glad I didn’t either…because we may not have gotten here – we may have been tied to a less than perfect existence – one in which we wouldn’t experience the unconditional love and support. And I would mourn for us. Because we deserve it…and each other…and now that we’re together…we deserve to build and grow our hearts and homes – to become specialists in living….in living and loving together. We were once two…now we are one…a unit.

And I can’t wait to grow the unit and continue on our journey…our path…our lives.


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