Day 23: Accepting Real Life

“Accepting and blessing our circumstances is a powerful tool for transformation..Before we can change anything in our life, we have to recognize that this is the way it’s meant to be right now …acceptance brings with it so much relief and release…this is okay. This is real life.”

Acceptance is not only important for recognizing and embracing the right now..but also the past.

I love who I am…part of my ability to love myself or love myself to the degree that I do is knowing that I’m unconditionally loved – knowing that I’m good enough. I knew that before I experienced the love of my husband…but I didn’t realize how profound feeling and understanding his love would effect me. I didn’t realize how meaningful it would feel to be proposed to – to have someone choose me, to pick me, to love me.

When people ask me if being married feels different. I say no – now, I”m only a month in…but it was being picked – being proposed to and saying yes – that changed the ball game. It was that moment – just the two of us – that truly changed everything. And changed it in a way that I love…because it was then, at that moment that I feel knotted the ties that bind us. Not the wedding, not signing the marriage license (although…that tied the legal binds).

This new reality – this new frame of reference – It is a true blessing. It makes this project a lot easier – and I’m hoping that my success in this project can be one in which I don’t lose it. I don’t want to lose my gratitude in my partner – knowing what he has brought to me and to our lives. And I think – as long as I stay present and keep counting these blessings…that I won’t lose this feeling. Or stop recognizing it.


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