Day 24: Blessing our Circumstances

Counting my blessings…can I get to 100. probably not today. because i just wrote about 10 prompts…but I promise to keep adding…because this is worthy and meaningful.

1. My husband.
2. My husband’s love for me.
3. My home
4. My family
5. My health
6. My parents’ health
7. my dog, Lucy, who is now my mom’s dog
8. Freedom
9. My job – being financially able to take care of myself and my husband
10. My mind….
11. My happiness
12. My drive
13. We have a car!
14. My bus pass
15. My cooking skills
16. My new extended family
17. The joy i get from reading
18. The calm I get from knitting
19. The peace I feel from writing
20. Creating things for people to consume and use


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