Day 25: Working with What You’ve Got

Today’s writing prompt is one that I think has resonated most with me since beginning this project.

Today is the day…it’s the day to begin. Don’t wait for tomorrow, because it won’t be any easier or any more convenient.

I’ve been very inconsistent in participating in this project over the last 10 days. I’m definitely “paying for it” and playing catch up. However, I am making the choice today to prioritize this and to recognize that this project is worthy of completing and embarking. I have to be honest, I was on the fence for a number of days. Things were so much easier when I wasn’t having to think so much and to put things in perspective and think about how grateful I am for every day.

Yes, I have a high-intensity job. One that takes a lot of my mental capacity every day. One where I am constantly learning and strategizing. But I can’t let that be everything. I can’t let it eat up my life so that it is the only thing that I am doing. I was so excited at the beginning of this year to have a project to write – something where I wasn’t having to write for work…and I want to try to see this through. So…here I am. Back at it. And not only jumping right in with today’s post but catching up on past ones. Because I’m an all or nothing type of gal. I don’t want to have the 10 day gap. I want to make sure I’m seeing this through every step of the process. So why not today…


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