Day 28 – The Illustrated Discovery Journal

Ahh….the illustrated discovery journal. There is honestly nothing that i love more than a good magazine-driven collage.

My one and only journey into scrapbooking involved pictures from my freshman year of college and quotes, headlines, etc. from magazines. It’s a masterpiece. At least to me.

SBB – we are so on the same page with this one. I’m really excited to go back through my special clippings folder of things from Self and Glamour. I’ve clipped a lot of recipes and workouts/exercises…but I know that I have a few inspirational things in there, too. To think…I’m ahead of the curve on this assignment.

This specific task – this assignment – this journey has other components that I haven’t naturally done with my magazine collaging. It’s more than the words, quotes or concepts that I should pull but the images – things, colors, ideas – things that appeal to me…things I want to strive for…or things that are just eye candy…and keep them…and see what the meanings are as they are put together.

More than that, it’s a way to be creative, one that I really dig and one that I’ve explored before. “One of the most pleasurable ways to start finding out your personal preferences is by creating an illustrated discovery journal. This is your explorer’s log as you begin to make your way into the darkest terra incognita: your authentic inner world. We feed our imaginations and get in touch with our authenticity by gathering together beautiful images that speak to our souls…Meditating on one visual image a day can jump-start your creativity and lead to revealing insights.”

I have a lot of what I need already for this project…I will need to hit up my mom for some magazines. Boy, does she have a vast stockpile. But I will also need to get some fresh rubber cement πŸ™‚ Or double sided tape. or both πŸ™‚ Ah…Staples/University Book Store…here I come!


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