Day 30 – The Golden Mirror Meditation

On first glance, this prompt feels like a large, dirty, smelly turd. But only at first glance.

Fortunately for me…SBB ran past the sentiment of God..and the universe and took the ship back to spending that time with yourself…and within yourself to visualize your best self into existence….”Today, find a few minutes to get quite and journey within. Close your eyes. Visualize a beautiful, large golden mirror surrounded by shimmering white light…See the reflection of an extraordinary woman…She is your authentic self…What is she doing? How is she doing it? Visit her as often as you like. She is waiting to help you find your way as you make the journey of self-discovery…She is the highest reflection of your soul, the embodiment of the perfect woman who resides within and she send you Love to light your path.”

I have to say…I think I visit her quite a bit. I think she wears an apron. I go between seeing here…from the outside from seeing her from an inside/outside perspective. She pops up in my thoughts randomly…more often as I’m journeying from my work self to my home self…she shepherds me back to my true, authentic place…takes off the costume I wear to work, the persona I am there…and brings me back to who I really am, who I really want to be…and the things that I do and love.

As I’m reflecting on this…I think it’s interesting that I’m realizing that I’ve already found here – I think I visit her quite a bit. And I think, especially after the last month of this project…she’s is coming into the real world more and more.

Today…day 32 is snowy. We’ve finally had our first big winter storm…thankfully it is on a weekend. It’s way cozier this way. Anyhow…a need for toilet paper and new arm and hammer deodorizers for the refrigerator and freezer led me to the larger, less expensive grocery store in the area. One that you should probably avoid on a Saturday, let alone the Saturday before our first big snowfall of the year. It was a zoo…a crowded zoo…with people with large cards ambling through the store pretty much bumper to bumper. I don’t know if it was the lingering effects of my head cold, the first latte i’ve had in a long time…or if it was the fact that I was alone at the store…but I didn’t let it get to me. I went in knowing that I had some items that I needed to buy…things that we soooo didn’t want to run out of. And I knew that I just had to navigate and get through the store. So I didn’t stress about it…or try to hurry. Thankfully my husband was at home, I wasn’t hungry…and I didn’t have to be home at a certain time or have a certain amount of time to be in the store. I went with the flow…observing others, smiling at my fellow shoppers (not in a creepy, there’s a huge constant smile on my face at all times…) but smiled when we both needed it. Smiled when someone moved their sloppily parked cart so I could continue…I think they were expecting a frown…because the’d gotten a lot of them…but I gave a smile. And they smiled back…or smirked…or at least had kind eyes. And I think it helped. It mattered – at least for a few seconds. Because we are both able to remember that not everyone was a jerk…and too self-involved to recognize the hundreds of others – on the same journey – together at the store.

With that gesture – that simple moment of acknowledging the absurdity of fellow shoppers, smiling at inappropriate or rude moments, we we able to find a glimmer of sunshine in one of the least enjoyable tasks of winter.


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