Day 32 – Creative Excursions: The Gift of Time

“In the beginning of any intimate relationship, the best gift you can offer another person is the investment of quality time together. So it is with your authentic self…find pastimes that make your heart light and your spirit sing…When you embark on creative excursions, your authentic self will lovingly reveal to you the beautiful mystery that is you…Creative excursions require an investment of time, not money. None of us are too busy to find two hours a week…This week commit to a weekly creative excursion with your authentic self as you follow the Simple Abundance path.”

Hmm…I can do this. I can invest this time into what I love…and while investing this time, become my authentic self for at least 2 hours a week. I love it.

I think Saturday mornings…may be my best bet to carving this in. I love this permission to invest in your alone time. Or to invest in your alone time with others…but the time that is determined and driven by you.

I think this is where the book clubs fit in…and the Wednesday night knitting. I’m not sure if I”ll get to the knitting this month. But I can’t wait for the book club on the 15th.

But I think a junk shop/resale journey is just the ticket for this coming Saturday. I can’t wait.


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