Day 33: Knowing What You Love

This is another one of those concepts…those ideas that i struggle with.

I know, in general, what types of things appeal to me….but I can’t go about describing them. I’m completely clueless at the thought of having a house and decorating it. Coming up with the themes – the design or look that pulls it all together.

What textures, designs, things do I like? I’m not sure. I know that I like old, solid things. The vintage…not so much the modern.

SBB really wants you to go browsing…to document and ID what I like and what I see. One week home goods…the next clothing. She wants me to have a little notebook.

Well, I’m going to check her notebook and raise her notes on my iphone and pictures of the things I like. Let’s break this out to the 21st century and embrace technology.

I can’t wait to see what I find….to see what I truly SEE and what i like and love.

I love how this visual aspect – the identification of my preferences – ties into this journey. But where better to start than looking at things, finding inspiration from them as well as just realizing what they are in the first place to being this journey of not only knowing myself better but knowing what I want to surround myself with and cloak myself in.


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