Joyful Simplicities for January and February

What I had intended to write here….I scrapped it as I wrote my prompt for Day 31.

I had looked at SBB’s lists as a definitive thing to check off…tasks that MUST be done…instead of ideas. Concepts or things to shoot for – ideas for women of things to do just for pleasure.

So I’ve moved past my anxiety with this list…with not having black eyed peas on new years…for not planting things…but embracing the things that I’ve done…that coincide with the list..and things that I’m adding and doing.

Here’s what SBB threw out there…and what I was able to do for January:
1. Aspirations of my heart written out – check. Day one đŸ™‚
2. Organizing my personal paperwork – check. Not only done but I went beyond that. I also created a new filing and storage system to make this a more appealing, better organized part of my house. And i also bought a lot of thank you cards. To thank you the shit out of things.
3. Gratitude journal – check. SBB’s even.
4. Illustrated Discovery Journal – check. Again, SBB’s.
5. Photo collage for the refrigerator – nope, but I put pictures in any and every available frame and my husband helped me put them up in our apartment. Big step one towards making it our home.
6. Stock up on enjoyable, warm drinks. Check – did it in November/December. And I also have wine.
7. Baking a treat – gingerbread. Check – but I make my favorite chocolate, ginger, molasses cookies before the holidays. MMMM.

Here’s what I added:
1. This project – the writing about Simple Abundance. Check.
2. Joining a book club. Check. I joined two. I missed the first gathering of one because I was sick…but I read (and enjoyed) the book. And I have the book for the next gathering.
3. Gardening – I want to get in on a friend’s garden for next year. and grow some herbs at home. And maybe get a CSA. We’ll see…but I have thoughts of produce dancing in my head.
4. Happy hours with friends. Check. I went with my husband to a number of happy hours with some of his old work friend – friends of his. and now friends of mine. It’s pretty great.

And here’s what February may include:
1. Visiting junk/resale stores (holdover from January…)
2. Forcing spring bulbs inside….maybe I can do it. Research at
3. Lighting more candles.
4. Writing a letter to my authentic self.
5. Become an incurable romantic.
6. Wear perfume every day.
7. Try red lipstick.
8. Try listening to Cole Porter.
9. Make fudge
10. Create a Sacred Space. hmm…i wonder what she wants with this one…I’m sure I’ll find out.


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