The Daily and Weekly Commitments of Simple Abundance

As I’ve been reading through and processing Simple Abundance, SBB is certainly shelling out many activities and tasks to encourage and prod me towards the goal of achieving and becoming my best self. Here is the rolling list…

1. Read Simple Abundance every day – think about the theme of the day.
2. I’ve taken this one step further and put in the requirement of not only thinking about the theme of the day but also writing about it as a tool for going through my journey.
3. Gratitude journal – 5 things I’m grateful for every day.
4. Daily Dialogue – spiral notebook – nothing fancy…just a way to get out and express the “crazy”
5. Illustrated Discovery Journal – start with what speaks to you…more assignments ahead.
6. Your personal treasure map – a visualization of my ideal live
7. Going inside – at least for a few minutes – to journey within and visit my authentic self – what do I see her doing – what messages am i receiving…what am I working through?
8. Joyful simplicities – do them often, do many of them, enjoy the experience of doing them – the joy in each step…even if it just making homemade soup 🙂

9. Creative Excursions – 2 hours a week. Do something that is fun…by myself – can be with others…but has to be something I want to do or enjoy (without my close peeps or my husband). Things I’m doing for me…for my happiness.
10. Specific creative excursion to home furnishings and decorative accessories shop. – what appeals to me? what do I see? document it. DONE! Anthropologie. I can’t wait to do more of this.
11. Day 45 – Daily dialogue my 10 year old self…and those feelings…
12. Get $25 in $5 bills. Put in all of my coat pockets. Spend as i find them 🙂 Luxuriate on spending on myself…for myself. $ that is already allocated for.
13. Day 46 – Travel info – Read about famous women explorers…now take a creative excursion to a travel agent and collect colorful brochures for your discovery journal.
14. Day 51 – The authentic dig – “On the authentic dig we shall also go in search of a mosaic: what bought us moments of happiness and contentment in our past lives…Today, prepare for your personal dig in a thoughtful way. Let your authentic archaeologist gather artifacts that can coax memory: old photographs, letters, mementos. Carve out time when you can be along and take a leisurely trip back in time. Enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea…See what memories are triggered as you reacquaint yourself with the girl and woman you once were. Linger only on the happy times. What you are searching for is a pattern of personal, authentic pleasures and preferences. These are the chips in your mosaic.”


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