Day 37: Remaking Your Own World

First question…is SBB a Quaker?

Interesting side note. My paternal grandmother is a birthright Quaker. Born and raised in Hamilton County Indiana.

Reading Simple Abundance is really the first exposure that I’ve had to Quaker teachings and philosophy. It’s interesting to me that this journey would lead me here. “The Quaker tradition teaches that this Light is within each of us…they refuse to segment their lives into the Sacred and the secular. Instead Quakers believe that all of life’s daily experiences are spiritual in nature, from preparing a family meal to protesting political policy…Rhythm, reverence and reflection are their hallmarks.”

“How much rhythm do you have in your personal world?…All of us lead busy lives, some more frantic and frazzled than others. We need to learn where to draw the line and how to say ‘no'”.

I am probably coming to rhythm from a much different perspective than the readers SBB may have assumed she would have. For so long I’ve put all or most of my energy into work. For too long, that was my only connection to a normal existence. Living with someone addicted to painkillers can really mess up your existence. It was my lifeblood and connection to normalcy. In a chaotic, tumultuous time, it was what I had.

However, now is the time to pull back. I’m almost 32 years old. I need to invest in my other facets. My job isn’t everything…in fact, it is just that…a job. That’s it. Sure, I enjoy it and I get satisfaction from it but it just cannot be my source of satisfaction anymore. I have to find that within myself and from other facets of my life. I don’t want to be someone who is just at work or at home….I don’t want my husband to perceive me as a homebody with a few good friends that don’t live any where near by.

So that’s it. I have to break out of my shell. I have to expand my horizons and find other things – things that complement and grow my habits and build my community. That is so freeing…I’m finally safe and stable and in a place where I can take off the hurricane shutters and let in the sunlight and find the balance that I truly need.


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