Day 39: You Are an Artist

“An artist is merely someone with good listening skills who accesses the creative energy of the Universe to bring forth something on the material plane that wasn’t here before…With every choice, every day, you are creating a unique work of art. Something that only you can do. Something beautiful and ephemeral. The reason you were born was to leave your own indelible mark on your personal world. This is your authenticity…Each time you experience something new, you become receptive to inspiration. Each time you try something different, you let the Universe know you are listening…If you are willing to step out in faith and take a leap in the dark, you will discover that your choices are as authentic as you are.”

This is really truly a beautiful prompt. Today is the day – there is no re-do…and there is only tomorrow to move on to. Why not make today the best it can be?

Tonight I had dinner with friends at a bar I hadn’t been to. A bar pretty close to my house. One that I want to go back to – one that is worth not cooking at home to venture out to. And dinner with these friends will hopefully become a regular thing.

I’m so thankful to be living in a place where these impromptu dinners and happy hours are a thing. I love being able to be social – to have the ability to spend time with people that I genuinely like…and to be out in a social setting.

I have to push myself, too…to not appease the voice within me that says, “oh, it’s a Wednesday night…you should be at home.” Because, so what. It’s a Wednesday. I can have a beer or two and dinner. And I’ll be home at a reasonable time but my life will be forever enriched because I got out and saw others.

I don’t know if I’m in such a hopeful mood this week because of hormones or if it is really tied to the shift that i felt…that began with the 7 Habits training two days ago. I’ve decided to throw myself in. I’ve ordered a couple of books, the yearly planner and accessories…and I’m going to give it a whirl. I think planning – prioritizing and giving myself the ability to focus on myself and growing and finally getting out the paint are what i needed. Sure, maybe I would have figured this all out eventually, but I’m so glad to have these tools at my disposal to work through it all. Maybe the more organic way would be to paint my own picture…but would I have had to wait until I was 60..or 70. I”d much prefer to get out the paint by number version at 31….switch up some colors and be creating art. Art is art. With the support of paint by numbers, I know I will be crafting my own masterpieces in no time.


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