Day 40 – A Fresh Canvas Every Twenty-Four Hours

I love where SBB when with this concept. We all know, and so many different publications talk about having a fresh start every day. Every 24 hours is a new start.

SBB takes this in a really meaningful way – We really truly have 24 hours to start fresh every day…have a fresh canvass to work with but we also need to make sure we are adequately preparing the canvass to be able to live our most authentic life.

“Quieting our minds in meditation, carving out time to dream and express ourselves with our daily dialogue and illustrated discovery journal, becoming aware of our true preferences, slowing down to concentrate on completing one task at a time – these are the preparatory steps we need to take if we wish to experience contentment.”

This is a really great reminder to take stock – am I doing the tasks that SBB has advised? I’ve been taking stock and writing down my five items of gratitude every day…but I have yet to start writing down my daily dialogue…and I haven’t begun the illustrated discovery journal. But, I’ve been much better this week about doing my daily writing. Baby steps.

Planning will be key to remember this – it clearly isn’t going to be easy to get to contentment, to fully embrace and live a life of simple abundance. But I know i have the tools at hand to make it happen…and I know my 7 Habits planning tools will make this exponentially easier.

So, SBB, I’m getting closer to being on your time schedule. I’ve succeeded with some things…i’ve slacked with others. But I know I will get there. And I am committed. I may have gotten distracted with the 7 Habits…but I know that the payoff will be great in the end.


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