Day 41: Creating an Authentic Lifestyle for Yourself and Those You Love

“When you learn what you can live without, you are able to ask life for the very best because you possess the gift of discernment. YOu develop patience that enables you to wait gracefully and gratefully until the best arrives because you know it will. You are able to create an authentic life for yourself and those you love because you are able to make conscious choices.”

My interpretation of what SBB is saying may not be quite on point with what she was intending…but in typical MrsYunker fashion…i’m going my own way with this.

For too long, I lived in an environment that was lacking – of emotional support, physical and emotional intimacy, of a partner that added versus took. Clearly, I went without for way too long. This wasn’t a well formed or thought out decision – but it was a situation that I willingly went into (I was naive to the situation….”in love”…and blind to the consequences). I take full responsibility for that. But I’m also not one to not learn from my experiences. At the point after I was separated from that situation, I was able clearly identify what I didn’t want out of life and relationships. When I made the plunge to get back onto the dating scene and when I met my husband on, I didn’t let this knowledge go to waste. I was able to identify that i had found a good thing – the best thing – who I’d been waiting my entire life to meet.

And I didn’t rush. We didn’t rush. We gave each other space – the chance to love each other and fall in love together. And that happened over 6 or 7 months. I had a lot of wounds to fix – a house to get in order. My now husband helped me fix things – mostly by just being around and just being patient…but I had the space to regain my happiness, my calm and my focus. He gave me the net so that I knew if I couldn’t fix things…I wouldn’t be alone and he would be there to help.

It was with his help that I was able to regain happiness…and it is because of that happiness that I am able to begin again and seek authenticity.


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