Day 42 – Divine Discontent: Learning to Live by Your Own Lights

I imagine that this intent from this post hit me a couple of weeks earlier than SBB is including it because of the way I am wholeheartedly throwing myself into this project…and taking it up a notch.

So much of this project and what SBB and other “self-help experts” have to say ties back to participating. You owe it to yourself…and to your ability to fully live and enjoy your life…to participate. Whether this is just getting outside of your house and spending time with other people…to engaging in small talk…to getting outside of your comfort zone to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. The things that aren’t part of your routine…things you wouldn’t naturally think of doing.

I don’t want to live my life anymore not participating. I want to be my own explorer…I want to guide my ship and to fully experience everything that I encounter…both good and bad.

“When we finally claim our own lives and wrestle out futures from fate. When we learn how to spin straw into gold. When we realize gratefully that we can live by our own lights if we access the Power. Act for it. Claim it. Today.”

I want to continue to access the giddy hopefulness that SBB is on a mission to help us find…I would rather continue moving forward…embracing positivity and being productive than be disengaged and just existing.

It’s funny. I think my original intent was to just go on this journey with myself and for myself…but I’ve found myself discussing it with others quite a bit this week. I’ve only given the link to this writing to one person – my best friend – and I don’t know if I will proactively give it to others. I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. I’m sure I will get there. There’s something so positive and freeing about sharing your words with people you don’t know…people who have no way to applying your words to past experiences and preconceived notions…who are just able to read them and take them for what it is. I’m sure I will make that jump of allowing my words to be more personal…more connected. But I’m just not there yet.

When I get there…I will be intrigued to see what SBB is saying and where the book is going.


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