Day 44 – You have a Unique Point of View: Loving Your Authenticity

“Just do something out of the ordinary that you normally wouldn’t do that will lift your spirits.”

Yesterday I went an browsed in Anthropologie – Urban Outfitters for adults. I’m super glad that I did. I loved it. I love beautiful, unique dishes. Some of the clothing was gorgeous. I didn’t dwell on it, especially because I can’t fit in it at the moment. But I did give myself a moment or two to drool over it. I love beautiful, whimsical kitchen items and dishes. Things that I can appreciate for aesthetics….but leave behind at the store because I don’t have room for them.

I love a good floral design. That and ironic images. I did indulge, though. I bought a book of 624 or 634 writing prompts. Fun fun! Another step towards fine tuning my inner voice and having an excuse to write. I probably would have just looked at the book previously, but i figured what the hell and bought it. After all, I’m on the Year of Claire 2015 kick…and I know that I will make use of the book.

After all, if the entire point is to embrace my authenticity…and give words, substance, and space to my inner voice, then what better way to find her than short, spontaneous snippets of writing. I’m sure I will be entertained. And better yet, I know I am going to surprise myself and find out things that I wouldn’t have without the prompt…and without embarking on the journey. Just like I am here.


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