Day 49 – Safari Life

“A safari of the self and Spirit is at times lonely. But we know we are never alone. It is a comfort to realize that this sense of isolation is necessary if we are to encounter Mystery, and mystery is very much a part of a safari…Someone is listening. Someone is talking to you, encouraging you to take the next step as you embrace the Mystery of the wilderness within. Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.”

You are never alone…because you always have yourself. Me, I have tended to ignore her or tune her out with things like wine, tv, and books. But not now. Not anymore.

Ideally I would have begun this journey before I met my husband…before I took this next step into the next phase of my life. And I’ll say it again…being here now, living the safari life…I wouldn’t have made it out of the civilized area.

Sure, writing every day (or trying to) and devoting the time to SBB’s activities like the gratitude journal, daily log (nope, not yet) can be a pain the the newlywed butt. But…it’s worth it and oh so necessary.

So I’m journeying by and for myself with the support and comfort of my husband nearby in the comfort of our cozy one bedroom apartment. And life is good.

Day 50 will go more into this – but the mystery of how I’ll feel after seeing myself and revisiting the past as I am on the safari to find my authentic self…solving that mystery and making sense of past events and processing them. Wow, that feels good. Sure, I’ve had some teary moments or felt the drop of my stomach, but being on the other side of that…contemplating what it all means, how I can avoid going there or being that person again, as well as embracing who I am and where I am now…freaking amazing.


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