Day 51 – The Authentic Dig

“On the authentic dig we shall also go in search of a mosaic: what bought us moments of happiness and contentment in our past lives…Today, prepare for your personal dig in a thoughtful way. Let your authentic archaeologist gather artifacts that can coax memory: old photographs, letters, mementos. Carve out time when you can be along and take a leisurely trip back in time. Enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea…See what memories are triggered as you reacquaint yourself with the girl and woman you once were. Linger only on the happy times. What you are searching for is a pattern of personal, authentic pleasures and preferences. These are the chips in your mosaic.”

All of the really good things – the chips are at my parents’ house. I’m going to have to pause on doing this…pause on getting this list together until I have the tools I need in front of me. I could do some of the college things, but I want to be able to do more of the full picture. That and I am tired. Four posts is a lot for a week night. On that note…I’m outie for tonight. But I’m not forgetting about this. Soon it will be done.


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