Day 53: Excavating the Real You, Part II

Returning to my childhood home….

How was my childhood home decorated?  My mother was drawn to the English Country – lace, lots of nicknacks, many books, homey and feminine.  Our house was a ~50 year old church parsonage that was literally built by the church’s parishioners.  Very customized, large closets, lots of storage space…and the last time that it had been decorated before we moved in was the 70’s.  My room had very yellow and orange floral wallpaper.  It was quite the retro throwback space.  We saved a swatch of the wallpaper and framed it ala Full House.  My parents did the updates and upgrades that they could while I was there but made much of their progress updating the house in the last 10 years – after I finished college.  It is amazing now.  Update, upgraded but still home.

Did you clean your room?  Sometimes….I had a very large bedroom and we had a spareroom on our same floor. Sometimes I would migrate to the spare room when my room got too messy…or when I needed a change in scene.  I think that once my parents re-did my bedroom for my 8th grade graduation – getting rid of the wallpaper – I didn’t migrate from the room as much.

Was the door usually kept closed?  I can’t remember this detail.  It usually was when I slept since my dad snored. loudly. so I had to keep the door closed to get any sleep.  I imagine that depending on the level of messiness, the door was open or not open.

What was your favorite spot in the house? Definitely our living room.  It had awesome club chairs and automans – perfect for cuddling up in to read and a very large couch.  The davenport as my mom and I called it.  We had many evenings and weekends spent cuddled up on the davenport together watching the Olympics, figure skating (any time), awards shows, Saturday Night Live, movies, sitcoms…you name it.  Those were some of my most favorite times.

Was your mother a good cook? Well…no.  My mom has a couple of signature cold salads that she makes – potato salad and tuna noodle salad.  But other than that…no.  My dad was more of the cook and took the lead on planning and preparing meals for us.

Do you every prepare any of her special recipes for yourself?  I have wowed many people with both recipes 🙂  But it is definitely her many other talents that she will be remembered and treasured for.  She is a fabulous woman – the best – who exudes unconditional love and support.  Who cares if she can’t cook?

How did your mother comfort you when you were sick?  My mom opened up sick bay.  Sick bay took place on the couch – she would put a blanket or sheet over the fabric and cuddle me in with my favorite quilt.  She would then go to the grocery store and get some magazines and other kinds of treats, along with chicken noodle soup, 7 up, jello, applesauce, saltines, and sherbert.  I have never liked sherbert.

Where did you go on vacation?  As my dad is a golf course superintendent, we only ever wne on vacations during the winter.  I have to say, I was pretty freaking lucky.  Sure, I didn’t do the typical Wisconisn summer vacations, but we went all over in the winter – to warmer places.  Florida. California. London (ok. not warm and in November). Oregon. South Carolina. Toronto (again. not warm but fabulous).  Vacations were wonderful – it didn’t matter where we went, it was just fun to spend the time with my parents.  There was lots of laughter, lots of story telling, people watching, good food, and time just spent together.  The best.

Is there a sense memory that you associate with childhood vacations?  My favorite is at the Wilderness Lodge at Disney.  We were sitting down by the pool and my mom decided to go back to the room because she was tired.  Now, my mom has the worst sense of direction.  the worst ever.  My dad and I told her exactly how to get back to the room.  We stayed talking for about 20 more minutes and headed to the room.  When we got back, the room was empty.  Weird.  We went back to the hallway and looked down it – way down the super long hallway, we saw my mom headed back towards us.  No, she didn’t go out for ice or something – she still hadn’t been back to the room.  


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