Day 54: Making Your Own Imprint

Ok SBB…another very question specific writing prompt.

20 essential things that I would choose to fill my home with or features that I desire in a home

1.  Large, comfortable bed

2. Large kitchen/dining room table with comfortable chairs

3.  Frames with photos

4. Artwork made by my mom

5.  Large comfortable leather couch

6. Cuddly down blankets and quilts

7.  Dark wood – homey

8. Lots of natural light

9. Lots of lamps with soft light

10.  Bookshelves and books!

11.  Large, functional kitchen

12. My grandmother’s china – used every day

13. Fireplace

14. Brick house

15. Not cluttered.  Full of things that have meaning and are useful – everything has a purpose and place.

16. Area for exercise

17. Area for our bikes and accessories

18. Large bathroom with vanity and storage space.

19.  My husband, of course

20. Fenced in back yard that is large and sunny enough for a garden.
10 Essentials for my closet

1.  Jean skirt

2.  3 colorful dresses and corresponding cardigans 

3.  Fun sandals!

4.  My current cotton skirts

5. Jeans

6. My favorite lounging pants

7. Any of my lounging clothes

8.  Exercise clothes and shoes

9. Jeans

10. Fun underware 🙂
SBB – regarding my kitchen.  I absolutely love everything that I have.  If I had more space, I would have more items.  Like glasses.  But everything that I currently have, I love and I wouldn’t part with.  I have had much more in that area…and I’ve winnowed things down to what I absolutely love and use.  If I don’t have something, I’ll buy it.  But buy exactly what I want/need.


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