Day 55: Now that I’ve Gotten Your Attention

SBB…here on July 5, I’ve finally caught back up.  Like I said a few days ago, this break was amazing.  I have learned so much, pushed myself, and found myself back here where I started. 

This is my happiness project month of writing.  Month one.  At the center of it is you and Simple Abundance.  This is good for me – it is good for my soul.  I want to continue this journey.  I am choosing to continue it and I can’t wait to pay attention to the simple, the every day.  

I’ve been much more conscious about putting thought into my preferences, what makes me happy, and more importantly taking time for myself.  I think that you would be proud that I ran for 20 minutes.  Without walking!  A big milestone for me.  One that I’ve done before but one that I haven’t done for a long time.  I’m thrilled to be on this journey.

I can feel myself getting stronger, being motivated to live to the fullest – to be more present, to do waht makes me happy and fulfilled as well as to keep it real.  And SBB, I don’t think I would have gotten there quite as quickly without you.  Thank you for helping inspire this project, to get me writing and to bring about this creative project. You’ve helped me regain control of my life in the sense that I’m not giving everything to work.  I needed this type of project – this type of structure – to begin that journey.  I’m excited to see where the road will take me – running, writing, and bounding ahead.


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