And…I’m back!

After a brief pause – nearly two years – I’m back.  Don’t worry, I haven’t been off killing time on the couch watching TV, I’ve been out being my authentic self. Drumroll please, she’s a runner!

I started running 6/1/15 and I honestly haven’t looked back. Taking up running has been one of the BEST things that I could have done – mentally, physically. Did I say mentally? I started at the very beginning – moving from a slow slog through a couch to 5K program to rocking a 10K to taking on the half marathon to marathon training. I got through my 18 mile run – nearly to the end – where I got sidelined with an overuse injury (a pesky bursitis in my foot). I’m back in marathon training and I’m going to be completing my first race since August on Earth Day – a half marathon.

In the downtime during my injury, I contemplated a lot of things. Did I really want to run? Did I really need to complete a marathon? Couldn’t I call it ok with 18 miles. I mean, that’s pretty bad ass. What makes me happy? What makes me tick? How do I live authentically? Become the best version of myself? Well, running is key. Working out – running, yoga, strength training, and now swimming! Writing is key. As well as carving out the time to focus on my mental energy – focus on my inner wise self and manage my inner critic. I’ve established boundaries, non-negotiables and figured out where I want to spend my time, energy, love, and effort. It was a class created and offered by Fellow Flowers co-founder Mel Charbonneau that really helped me start 2017 with a bang and get a better handle on what I want, need, desire…and to forgive myself for what has happened previously. The bad decisions, wrong turns, regrets….to acknowledge those very important lessons learned and shed that weight to move forward. This is me moving forward and pursuing what I love.

Bringing back the Simple Abundance project – finishing this project in 2017 is at the top of the list and it goes hand-in-hand with marathon training. So I’m back. If you line up my posts with the date, I’m a little behind. I’ll spend the next couple of weeks catching up – doing today’s post while catching up on previous ones.

So cheers to 2017 and finishing what I’ve started. Yes, I’m 2 years behind. But what I’ve gained since I’ve begun will help me get so much more out of this journey.


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