Day 56: Reordering Your Priorities

Over the last couple of months I’ve discovered or re-discovered a couple of key pieces about myself. 1. I naturally wake up at about 4:00 a.m. If I can drag myself out of my warm bed and get started with my day, I am able to begin with a pretty clear head and quite a bit of energy. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise that my body likes getting up at this time, becuase as a young child – I naturally woke up at 4 am because my dad always got up that early for work. 2. If I get up at 4 am, I am able to carve out an hour or so for drinking coffee, reading, and writing. I 100% know that if I wake up early and take advantage of this time, I’m usually the only one up and I am able to have this vital quiet, creative alone time.

When I was reconsidering taking back up this project, I knew that this morning time was going to be essential for tackling my writing prompt at a time of day that is 100% under my control, when my mind is clear and rested, and allows me to get a quick win/success for the day.

I woke up this monrning with the intention of also doing a strength workout. But I’m going to do yoga at lunch and call it good for the day. Mostly because I got in the writing zone and I’m really digging being able to spend some time on this project this morning. That and I had a super intense, long workout yesterday. It’s ok to take it a little easy this morning and spend time recharging my soul and being creative.

I didn’t recall the theme of this writing prompt when I made this decision, but after making the conscious decision to keep writing, this was my first catch-up post – having the clarity and peace of mind to reorder and reorganize our priorities to honor the true meaning of what we need that day or that moment. Building on that even more – the key takeaway for SBB’s theme of the day is to carve out a small portion of the day for ourselves and to make this a priority. Yes! Cheers to writing at 4 am.


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