Day 57: Real Life Begins with Reverence

These posts that connect with religion and spirituality always make me a little uncomfortable. But I’m going to own that feeling of being uncomfortable and find my own way to process the key theme that SBB is trying to get at.

Quietness and connecting so wholly to the task at hand that you are able to be still, get outside of your thoughts and mind is one of the restorative suggestions that SBB is introducing. I hands down know exactly where I find this – running.  I’m one of those runners – you know them – the ones who have no headphones, no phone, minimal distractions, who just run. I didn’t start off that way, it was actually only when I joined a running group that I transitioned to this method of running. I didn’t want to set myself up to be so dependent on technology that I wouldn’t be able to talk and connect with my friends – or to even make my running friends in the first place. So I took the plunge and disconnected.

The benefits to my mental health and my overall enjoyment with running have grown exponentially with this transition. On the really good days, I’m able to get in this reverent zone where I am able to enjoy being outside and experiencing the scenery, smells, landscape – and my mileage flys by. On the more muddled days, this provides me with quiet time to work through any things that are vexing me or stressing me out – usually work related. By the end of this pretty intense (and usually 3 mile run) I better understand why I’m stressed, why the issue is occurring and I usually have a strategy for addressing it.

So yes – some may go on a spiritual retreat to find reverence – or even a Sunday church service. I prefer to hit the running trails and reconnect with nature to clear my mind and recharge my soul.


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