Day 58: Committing to Your Spiritual Awakening

Let me pause to grab a cup of coffee.

Ok. I’m back.

Really, SBB, two religion-related posts in a row?

Ok. Now that I’ve gotten that out, I can suck it up and deal. In a nutshell – happiness, abundance, living the best version of our life comes from consciously working to bring more gratitude, simplicity, order, harmony, beauty and joy into our daily lives.

I can stand behind that. In a lot of ways, SBB beautifully captures what so many of us are consciously, or for most of us, unconsciously searching for. I know now, after starting this project, that what I desire most and what I strive to achieve every day are moments of being truly present so I can fully experience what is going on around me. Good or bad, happy or sad, I want to feel. I want to experience.

So much of my 20’s can be summed up by being afraid of what I was feeling or experiencing and wanting to dull that and avoid facing what I needed to face. I dulled that with anti-anxiety medication, wine, and even birth control. An aside – the hormonal birth control wasn’t something that I took to purposely avoid my anxiety. I greatly felt the side effects and hormone-altering qualities. It dulled me. All of these things dulled me and took away my ability to truly feel. Having lived through it – I would much rather feel and experience the discomfort or pain because that is necessary in order to truly value and appreciate the good days, the good moments, the good feelings. It isn’t the easy path or the one that appeals to a majority of people. But it is my path. My simply abundant path.


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