Day 59: Creating a Sacred Space

I’ve create a sacred space in my new house. Oh wait, scratch that. My husband helped create the space for me. If you may have forgotten, space was a definite issue in our old apartment. I moved into the place where my husband was already living and even though he didn’t have much stuff and he certainly carved out space for me, it still felt like my things were added on top and shoved (literally) into spare corners. It is an absolute luxury to be in a new, big house where we have lots of space for our things. My husband’s sacred space is most of the basement, minus my workout room. My sacred space is our walk in guest room closet – it has 6 deep shelves and hanging space. It is where I’m going to keep my craft supplies, knitting gear, sewing machines, and books! And all of the other odds and ends that I collect and that bring me joy. This space to have all of these things handy, organized, and fully available thrills me and builds excitement over the ways that I anticipate spending my time and the things that I will create.

I don’t want or need a dedicated place to meditate because I use running outside as that outlet. When I run outside I don’t use music, I just zone out, enjoy the scenery, and let my mind unwind and focus on the physical act of running. ¬†Sometimes I work through things that might be stressing me out or troubling me, but most of the time I take the time to disconnect and become one with nature.

So while I have this special sacred space with my things, I think my true sacred space is outside where I run and test my limits while also filling my soul.


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