Day 63: Setting Aside a Personal Sabbath

SBB, I think after some of your initial posts on spirituality that very overtly connect to religion, you have mellowed a bit. And thank you for that. This one really resonated with me because it captures the importance of active recovery, rejuvenation, charging our engine and presenting it in a way that allows us to make it our own. For some of us, this involves worship in a church, for others, it means staying in bed and luxuriating in the extra time and space, and for others, it means lots of time to be outside and take in nature.

I can get behind your wonderful definition of Sabbath – Sabbath is for reverence, rest, renewal, rejuvenation, reassuring rituals, recreation, rejoicing, revelation, remembering how much you have to be grateful for, and saying thank you. You can do it anywhere – doing anything. What matters it that you do something special that speaks to your soul an that you revel in whatever you do. Your activities on the Sabbath should uplift you and provide enough inspiration to sustain you during the week to come. We need to carve in a Sabbath day – spiritual or not – to revive and renew our soul and our body.

Yes, yes, yes. I learned a number of things last year while training for a marathon. 1. Booze and fried food do not help my overall cause. Swelling fingers and legs do not feel good and they do not allow me to feel healthy. And that combination together. Oh man, get out of the way. So I try to avoid them as much as I can. It has been way easier to avoid booze and a little less easy to pass up the French fries and cheese curds.

The other thing that I learned is that when I pack too much into my weekend – things in addition to running and working out – that I don’t recharge my battery the way that I want to. I have to pick and choose the activities that are worth not relaxing at home and ensure that I’m being kind to myself by picking those that are good for my soul when they make me leave my couch. It’s great to have this decision mechanism for avoiding live music or gatherings that I know will deplete me instead of fill me up. It’s nice to have these set boundaries and to honor them. 

Much like going to church once a week, or taking a total day of rest. I want to pursue the things that are meaningful, add and contribute to my life and make me a better, happier person.


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