Day 64: Priming the Pump for Inspiration

I took a class in January that pretty much changed my life. It was exactly what I needed, at exactly the right time. It was the Breakthrough and Begin course developed and presented online by Fellow Flowers founder Mel Charbonneau. Omg. Was it amazing. Mel walked us through the very hard exercise of acknowledging and understanding our inner critic – the nagging voice inside of us that tells us we are not good enough, that we shouldn’t do something, that self-sabotaging voice. 

But more importantly, she also helped us find our inner wise self – the future version of ourselves that has the answers that can show us the way. The one that let’s you know that you are enough, you’re on the right path, and that you’re doing the right things. It my be hard, but you’ve got this.

I found her through a guided mediation. I feel like I continue to access her through this writing and through my running. My mind is finally able to quiet itself when I run, when the distractions are minimized, when I’m concentrating on moving forward…while also concentrations on nothing at all.

When I started the year – I was barely running. Just a little bit for short amounts of time. I was coming off an injury that left me in a boot for 6 weeks and on the slow path to rebuilding. A tough thing to couple with the fall and early winter. Not something that makes you feel the greatest, and not something that allows you to start the new year feeling your best. So enter this class. This life changing moment – that literally changed the way that I view myself, identify my priorities, values, non-negotiable, and the reason why I got back to writing.

It’s my creative channel (writing) and my athletic/physical channel (running) that help me get to ge there. To find my wise self, to stay connected to my goals, and keep me moving forward and getting better every damn day.


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