Day 65: Creating a Hope Chest

At first thought, I didn’t think I had a hope chest. But you know what. I totally do. The pieces are not all pulled together in one place, in one vessel, but as I’ve built my house and moved in, I’m realizing that I have saved many artifacts that totally are my hope chest.

The chest itself – not lovely cedar, but a lovely, worn, sturdy army footlocker from the early 1950’s. My maternal grandfather’s from when he served during the Korean War. Over the years, it has been my coffee table, a place to keep my books while in storage, and now it will be my step for using to build my gluteus.

China – lots of china! My maternal grandmother’s china, coffee mugs in a pattern beloved by my maternal grandfather, Christmas dishes picked out and purchased by my paternal grandmother.

Quilts – oh, I have an abundance of quilts. So many quilts. Lovingly made by my paternal grandmother.

Cookery – I don’t have any of the fondue equipment that was passed down through my husband’s mother, but we are collecting our own assortment of this cookery – the center of our (and his family’s) holiday tradition. The annual family Fondue. Usually Dec. 22.

I’ve not had all of these pieces together…nor are they all at my house yet. But they all already have a place in my home. I cannot wait to finish unpacking my hope chest and bringing the old, the treasured, in with the new.


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