Day 66: Creating a Toy Box

Sarah Ban Breathnach, I will meet your toy box and raise you a toy closet!

My husband and I just finished building our new house! Yes, we are out of the one bedroom love nest and into a three bedroom two story house. We have so much freaking space, it is amazing. My toy boxes are our big kitchen and the walk-in closet in our guest room. My husband’s toy box is most of our basement. One of my priorities when building our house was to make sure we were selecting a home that had space that meets our needs. We needed to carve out space in our basement for my husband to be able to practice with his multiple bands and a corner or small room where I can have a workout room. Done and done. I have my special exercise floor installed, the TV and blu-ray set up, my weights and DVDs out..and I’m all ready to get some hard work done.

My husband was a rock star and orchestrated 90% of our move, including packing. One of the awesome things that he did for me was to put all of my toys – my books, craft supplies, papers, pens – in one dedicated space. When he brought me over the house to show me, it literally lit me up. These were all of my items that were either in storage the past few years and thus inaccessible or were shoehorned into random corners and were not very accessible. I absolutely love my toy closet! It is so amazing knowing that all of my things are there in one place -ready to be used – and ready to be looked at. I love just stopping by to see it all. And then to turn off the light, close the door, and smile because it makes me happy to see my things put away in a special place.

Three cheers for toys and having a dedicated space for the things that light us up, bring us joy, and allow us to be creative.


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