Day 67: Outfitting a Comfort Drawer

Well. I’m just a day late with this one. On a side note! I’m writing this post from our basement. Likely the one and only time that I will do so because we get our new furniture today!!!  I am so freaking excited to finally have a place to sit on our main floor. 

In some ways, this very loosely ties to SBB’s message of the day – basically a 90’s version of treat yourself! SBB advocates for creating a comfort drawer – proactively take the time and effort to create a dedicated drawer where you can collect, stow, and luxuriously curate treats and pleasures for yourself – high end chocolates, bath salts, an eye mask, sachets to make said drawer smell good. So that when you get to a day that tests you, or is just freaking hard, you have this place to come to to take a moment to pause and recharge your soul.

As SBB says – “When you open your drawer, you’ll see a dazzling array of wonderful presents – gifts of the heart for the most deserving person you know.” I love this concept and I can’t wait to create my own! I love the proactive nature of this. We all know that those bad days and moments come and are out there. This is a simple way to acknowledge them and to create a comforting way, soothing way to make it a little easier to get out of a funk when it gets here.

On a side note, when I was growing up, my grandma created a treat drawer for me in her bathroom. I was one of 8 grandchildren but the only one who lived close by. The treat drawer was never available when my cousins were around – which rarely happened. But it was a way to give me treats when I spend time with her – which was often. It was just little random things like my favorite gum, or a small figuring. But I remember being so excited to go check out the drawer every time I went there.  I don’t often thing of the drawer, but thank you SBB for helping to bring back this very fond memory!


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