Day 68: Taking the Plunge

Man oh man. This post right here – this concept is exactly why my Simple Abundance journey took so long with stops and starts. Simplicity. If I had gone through and taken the time to articulate my core values in 2014 or 2015, I can absolutely guarantee that Simplicity would not have been on the list. Not becuase I don’t like simplicity, but because I didn’t really understand it or understand how much I truly value it. SBB – thank you for starting me on this journey to truly embrace simplicity and to come to acknowledging the role it plays in my life before this post.

I’m going to steal from what I wrote earlier this year when defining my third core value – Simplicity

Simplicity (it is the people and relationships around us that truly matter. A purposeful life – not filling with stuff and things that don’t have meaning).

A. This signifies the way I choose to live my life – my type of existence – the core of my values. I prioritize people (those I love), experiences, connections versus the race to amass a pile of things. Yes, I’m building a house, but it is a home, just the right size. The feeling of home it creates is key.

B. Simplicity – valuing people and experiences – driver for being present – valuing every day, moment. If you look at my perfect day, it is mundane, but the enhancements are tied to this core value.

C. It signifies the quality of each day – how I desire, see, and find meaning. I want to be around those that mean most to me and be fully present. I value their time and I don’t want to waste it. Time is limited and I don’t want to regret it.

D. Too much stuff, too much clutter, things without meaning overwhelm me. If something is tied directly to a goal, helps improve me, yes, I will get it. But I try not to buy things that I don’t truly NEED. Because I waste my heard earned money.

Yes, SBB, Simplicity truly is about finally acknowledging and accepting who we truly are and being comfortable with this inner wise self – our essence. Thank you for this opportunity to revisit this core value this morning. I’m loving how the work that I did earlier this year with #BreakthorughAndBegin is overlapping so well with #Simple Abundance!


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