Day 69: A Radiant Reflection: Projecting Your Authentic Self

Hee hee hee day 69.

Ok, now that I have that out of my system.  In a nutshell, the theme of today is allowing our authentic self to help lead us to our radiance, help us find our sense of style and stack the decks in our favor for wearing the clothing that we truly love, that is in a style that is attractive to us.

What spoke to me most about this may not be SBB’s main intent with the passage, but I 100% stand behind not buying clothing that we do not truly love. It drives me crazy that in the past I have bought things for the sake of buying – things that I like but did not love, and then they languish in my closet. They are the things that fit but do not look great. So I really do not wear them. Ugh. I still have some of them around and I basically still do not wear them.

My mom and I have a shared closet at her house – a big closet – that houses all of our clothing that no longer fits us. It contains the things, both too big and too small, that we used to wear and love but we didn’t want to donate because we hoped that they would be able to be used again in the future, well at least for the clothing that is too small. I’ve lost about 70 lbs in the last two years, mostly through running, and I have to say that the excitement and joy that I’ve gained by getting to shop in the shared clothes closet has been astounding. Especially in the last couple of months, I’ve gone into a size range where my mom was a few years ago and bought some very nice, beautiful clothing. Not all of it is 100% my style – we do NOT have the same lower part of our body – but the tops, sweaters, dresses are all beautiful, well made, and fit wonderfully. These are all things that I wear to work. I have to say, having this clothing that is a little nicer than I normally would wear has made me feel so professional, so put together – that I have felt that something extra special about my appearance. Maybe it’s radiance. Maybe it is pride in the hard work that I’ve put in to look and feel the best that I ever have. 

Whatever the source of this confidence and style – it feels great and I can 100% stand behind the philosophy of having this be the optimal or ideal way of feeling about myself. So right on, SBB!


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