Day 70: You Are Not Your Appearance, but Does the Rest of the World Know That?

Oh man, I am tired today. It has been a long week of work and working out – and I have not even done all of the things that I wanted to do. I skipped my two strength workouts and instead opted for more yoga. Next week, I’ll be back to full capacity after moving, traveling, and being sick.

SBB’s day 70 post is all about how we do not want to be pulled together every single moment of our lives and the overlay of how we are inherently judged by our outward appearance and how together/composed/beautiful we appear. Due to these societal norms, there is also the cycle of getting down on ourselves when we feel that we have not achieved that level of togetherness or beauty for the day. Yep. I definitely feel that sometimes.

Moreover, when we get more in touch with our authentic self – more fully tap into her potential and beauty – we will begin to transform because we are awakening our true radiance that comes from within.

My take on this post is probably a little more cynical than it would have been had I finished it at 6:15 this morning, but here we are nearly 14 hours later. I think some of this ties to self confidence and self worth and when we feel more confident we carry ourselves in a different way, which leads us to increase our feelings of self worth.

Now on the other side of the coin, when you bring yourself out of the autopilot fog – one in which you put your own needs, wants, and desires last – and you begin to take incremental steps of acknowledging your essence and rediscovering yourself, you will naturally begin to change. Because you are actively valuing yourself and making self care a priority. Once you get the pebble going, it will naturally grow and become a boulder until you are racing down the hill finding yourself training for a fricking marathon.

But it starts with baby steps and a simple acknowledgement that I’m worth it. And picking myself is a very worthy choice.


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