Day 72: How Do I Look?

Thank you, SBB, for the reminder about our gauge of how we look, and more importantly, how we feel needs to come from within. The timing of this post is actually perfect. I was out yesterday doing my final “big” post-moving shopping trip. I actually thought that I had completed that final large trip last weekend…but I was wrong.

I ended up being gone most of the day and I wasn’t planning to – it was just going to be a couple of hours – but I had a fantastic time just getting out, going into various stores and browsing. SBB – I totally turned this day into a joyful excursion. I found the most delightful craft store with a huge amount of very nice yarn, delightful knitting patterns, and truly helpful women who worked there. I cannot wait to get back there when I have a little bit more time to jump back into knitting. Finding this treasure of a place will, I’m sure, get me back to knitting sooner rather than later.

I also took TJ Maxx by storm. I had a couple of house-related purchases that I needed to browse for there – pillows for our new guest bed and  a bed skirt or fitted sheet to cover the box spring (they did not have a good option). Well, the Target shopping clause certainly went into effect when i went to TJ Maxx – I left with six new pillows. Yay! But I also left with 4 new dresses, random items for my kitchen – all things we needed, and some k-cups – which I needed too. But the dresses were definitely the most fun part. I think I mentioned that I’ve lost about 70 pounds or so since I began my Simple Abundance journey in 2015. This is tied to just getting out and walking on my lunch hour and trying to carve out pockets of time that I was using for commuting or eating at my desk to get more active. Well, that walking turned into running, so I could get done faster, and here I am to marathon training. Along the way I’ve gotten into yoga and strength training with a strongman instructor (amazing experience – I wish he was in Sun Prairie and that I had an unlimited budget for working out). Those are all activities that I have incorporated into my life that have made me feel better and things I have slowly incorporated and built in over time. One of the “side effects” of working out has been losing weight. I’ve gone from a size 18/20 to a size 10/12! I’m definitely in between the sizes right now. 

I have to say that yesterday, trying on dresses to potentially wear at wedding-related activities for my bestie’s wedding, was so freaking fun. I was literally able to pick anything off the rack, have it be in a size that looked close to mine, and try it on and not feel horrified of what I was seeing. In fact, I looked good. It would have been more fun to have had a friend or my mom along to show the outfits to, but I knew when i looked in the mirror that i liked what I was seeing and I pulled the trigger. All of the outfits made me feel good – and two of them made me feel really sexy. I may never wear one of the dresses outside of my bedrooom, but that will be the best $16 that I have spent because that dress makes me feel good and makes me appreciate what all of the hard work, sweating, and even tears have done to transform my body. My motivation for working on my inner self, as well as getting more active, was to ready my body for getting pregnant and having a baby. I want to feel my best and be in the best shape possible for when I ask my body to take on that feat. My motivation was never looking amazing in the dresses that i bought yesterday, but I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t feel good.

I don’t have too much farther to go to achieve my goals – marathon in November and possibly achieving my “goal” weight of 160 sometime this year.

But at the end of the day, achieving the goal of feeling good, not because of how I look but because of how I feel is the ultimate measure of success. And yesterday, I crushed that goal.


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